Children’s Ministry Pastor – Job Posting

Download job description: ODFChildrensMinistryPastorJobPosting



Open Door Fellowship Church
8301 N 19th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021



Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm. Closed 12-1pm for lunch.

Prayer chain email:


ODF Staff:

Nancy Conner, Care Ministries Director, x129

Jason Ellis, Youth Pastor, x114

Chris Gardiner, Middle School Director,

Todd Gilchrist, Facility Manager,  x127

Cynthia Holly, Secretary, x110

Sam Hill, Lead Pastor, 602.242.4414

Marcia Kuyper, Women’s Ministry Co-director,

Lynda Malloy, Financial Administrator, x115

Shannon McBride, Pastor of Community & Fellowship, x118

Jan Pence, Maintenance

Mike Quinn, Worship Pastor, 602.410.0165

Wende Rosania, Women’s Ministry Co-director, x130

Helen Ryan, Missions Director, x132

Meredith Schanen, Executive Asst. to Sam Hill,

Louise Sedgwick, Adult Pastor, x120

Julie Tinard, Communications, x 121




John DeForest 602.242.4414
Jason Ellis 602.242.4414
Sam Hill 602.242.4414
John Lynch 602.249.7000
Dennis Martin 602.493.8682
Mike Quinn 602.410.0165
Jim Rosania 602.295.0652


ODF Deacons:

Jim Campbell 602.861.2943
Buzz Filleman 480.940.8270
Todd Gilchrist 602.321.4749
Tom Kuyper 602.943.8993
Larry Murphy 480.823.3882
Eric Murray 602.973.3666
John Sheldon 602.843.3183


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