shopping: ODF earns up to 10% of purchases you make through the Open Door gateway to, and a percentage of purchases return to ODF to help fund programs and outreach to our community and beyond! ODF is also part of the Amazon smiles program, which means you can shop once and donate twice through using this gateway, and signing up for the smiles program.


* Use the search box below to look up any item. (Just highlight Truefaced and replace with your search item) Note: Computer with Ad Blocker software installed may not display the Amazon search box below.


Grocery Store Programs:

The Fry’s program. Every time you swipe your Fry’s VIP card (once registered online) for purchases of groceries, gas, pharmacy… a portion returns to ODF!

  • Fry’s Program sign-up required for all participants. Sign-up takes less than 5 minutes. Each year, after August 1st, please reselect Open Door Fellowship Church 

Snack bar: When you buy at the ODF courtyard snack bar, your dollars go global! Proceeds benefit our Beyond our Door missions & outreach team during part of the year, and other church programs depending on the month. Snack it up!

Any questions? Please contact Lynda Malloy, Financial Administrator, 602.242.4414 x115 or