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John Lynch - November 12, 2017

Life Worth Living - week 18

Ecclesiastes 10. Sometimes Solomon can sound like he’s ranting. Often he is. Ranting against what did not work for him “under the sun.” But if I get close and listen, there is life-saving, face-saving, day-saving wisdom. Sweet wisdom. The fruits of it in this passage are words like “composure”, “advantage” and “success” to navigate life well. But they are never gained by technique or good intention. So I must listen well to wisdom. When I started preparing this passage I had no idea what it was about. But staying awhile, there are answers here I desperately need. Thank you Solomon. Thank you God.

From Series: "Life Worth Living - Ecclesiastes series"

Like Solomon, we can lose hope in the mess and seeming futility of life: our perspective seeing only the underside of the tapestry. Yet there are glimpses of the top-side. Glorious beauty in what God is weaving together for His glory and it can't help but inspire awe, worship and trust in His purposes through our lives.

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