I’M NEW – Pathway for newcomers


CONNECT 2 Dinner: A casual, family-friendly free dinner for newcomers and ODFers who want to further connect. Enjoy good food & conversation, and hear the pathways we have in place for connecting at ODF. The next Connect 2 dinner will be Fall 2017.  Join us! 


NEWCOMER’S CLASS: A 4 week class on Sundays. Discovering who we are and how you fit. Offered twice a year. The next Newcomer’s class will be offered Fall 2017. Please join us!


THE CURE class: An 8 week class on Sundays. Studying the book “The Cure” by Trueface authors John Lynch, Bruce McNicol & Bill Thrall. “What is God isn’t who you think He is… and neither are YOU?” Offered twice a year. Next class offering TBA.  


AfterCURE class: A 4 week follow-up class to The Cure. A way to diving deeper into the material with trusted people to really discover how to apply the principles learned in our own lives. Offered directly after The Cure class (twice a year) during 2nd hour. Next class TBA.


ESSENTIALS class: An 8 week class offered each Fall diving into the 10 essentials Biblically-based principles ODF holds true. Next class offered: SEPTEMBER 10th in Room E2 9am (in with Transitions class for all of September/October)  Please join us!