Open Position: Lead Pastor

Position Type: Full-time, Salary with benefits

Date Posted: 10/9/18

Closing Date: 10/31/18

Salary: Dependent on qualifications and experience

Lead Pastor Position Description

Open Door Fellowship (ODF) Church is seeking a devoted follower of Christ to be the Lead Pastor of Open Door Fellowship Church.  The Lead Pastor will be a primary voice in providing the leadership, communication, and maturing of a grace-centered and relational ministry to the body of Christ at Open Door Fellowship Church.

Primary Role:

  • Work with the Elders, Pastoral Staff and Executive Director to develop, refine and implement a vision of ministry at Open Door Fellowship Church (ODF) rooted in the principles identified in ODF’s Essentials document.
  • Primary communicator of the vision of ministry at ODF through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.
  • Provide on-going shepherding, leading and mentoring of the pastoral staff.
  • Provide spiritual direction, oversight and development of opportunities for the discipleship and maturing of the body of Christ at ODF.


  • Develop, oversee and implement the ministry of preaching the Word of God at ODF.
  • Be the primary preaching voice heard on Sunday mornings at ODF.
  • Oversee the shepherding, training and discipleship of the Pastoral Staff.
  • Support and encourage the Executive Director in implementing the day-to-day operations at ODF.
  • Be the primary voice of the ministry vision, concerns and struggles of the Pastoral Staff to the Elders.
  • Oversee the development of opportunities for the spiritual growth and discipleship of the body of Christ at ODF (e.g., classes, seminars, service opportunities, etc.).
  • Be open and available to provide pastoral care and counseling (as appropriate) to the body of Christ at ODF.
  • Comfortable being the primary “face” and “voice” of ODF when called upon to speak to groups both within and outside of ODF.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • A demonstrated ability to communicate the Word of God through preaching.
  • A demonstrated ability to provide leadership and vision of ministry to a body of believers.
  • A demonstrated ability to provide for the spiritual growth and maturing of a body of believers.
  • A demonstrated ability to oversee and shepherd pastoral staff.
  • A demonstrated ability to work well with elders, pastoral staff and the body of believers in implementing a church-based ministry.
  • A humble, teachable spirit.
  • A pastoral and relational heart for a body of believers.

Preferred Attributes:

  • Prior experience as a Senior or Lead Pastor.
  • Seminary training

How to Apply:

Please send an email to with the subject line of “Lead Pastor Application” to the office of Open Door Fellowship at with the following attachments:


References upon request