About Open Door Fellowship Church

“Open Door” … that’s it, the door is OPEN. Come IN.

We are all about community; experiencing God’s grace and truth in and through relationship. We’ve been risking this way of life for 40 years: some of us have been here all along, many have gathered along the way. 

WHO: You, me, us, them, He, WE. Yep, you. No membership, no dress code, no partisan preference, no experience necessary. We’re in all stages of this life with God. We’re all ages, all walks of life. We’re wide open to whoever wanders through these doors. We long to include, not exclude—without rushing ahead of where you are. To give time for healing, for discovery; for finding the path God has for you. If He has led you here, you’re welcome.

WHAT: Love, Trust, Truth, Grace, Relationship, Life-Application, Community, Laughter, Safety, Fellowship, Passionate Teaching and Worship… God’s life in us.
We are exceedingly intentional about learning and trusting in who God says we are in Him, and discovering how He wants to express His love through us to others.

Our door is wide open; for some it’s an invitation to come and rest, regroup, heal and be known. And wide open to also go “beyond our door,” moving in and amongst our neighborhood, city, nation, and world in the outpouring of grace and love we richly experience in Jesus.

Our History

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Essentials of Ministry

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Our Essentials

 These 10 items are the fundamental elements of our Essentials. The summary statements are not the complete explanation, but hopefully will give you the essence of our convictions.

  • Primacy of God’s Word

We are convinced that the Bible is God’s word. Our vision and practices are based on this conviction, and protect us from following “experience” and popular theological fads.

  • Christian Essentials

Open Door Fellowship is a body that: Through faith, is Christ centered and Christ dependent. Through love, places all relationships above programs and practices. Through obedience, places the Gospel above self interest. Through submission, places a premium on spiritual headship (authority). Through prayer, expresses its needs and appreciations to God. Through the Word, is committed to spiritual maturity.

  • The Family

The priority of our families is never in competition with the vision God has given us for Open Door Fellowship. Rather, the role of our family and its members are seen as an essential part of this vision.

  • The Significance of Each One

It is our God who has declared that we are all priests, all one in Christ. Therefore, our vision underlines the significance God has placed in each person.

– To see in them God’s potential for their live

-To see that each person is encouraged and challenged to the opportunities of God’s grace to have its impact on them and through them

-To see that the Christ who is in them will have His life lived out through them

-To see that no one be more honored because of their status in this world or dishonored because of lack of status

It is most significant to say that people must be allowed to be who they are, and if changes need to be made, that time and truth and an environment of love be available for those changes to happen.  This process must allow for the freedom to fail.  Failures are not produced in an environment where people are free to fail.  The environment where failure is possible produces a hope in God’s grace to do what only God can do – change us.

In order for people to be free to be who they are and free to grow, we must never develop a mold.  Individuals can express this freedom in a variety of ways

-the way they choose to dress

-the way they choose to raise their family

-the way they choose to minister as God has gifted them

-the way they share, sing, or participate on Sunday morning.

An individual’s spiritual growth is possible because this essential places an emphasis on effective discipleship, nurturing, pastoring, gift identification, etc…  We have no room for clergy/laity dogma.  This aspect of our vision declares that God has the freedom to help us become who He wants us to be.  It declares that we have a confidence that God has a plan for each individual life and that Open Door Fellowship is a vehicle to seeing His plan realized.  In this vision there are no molds, no super saints, no higher truths.

We are highly motivated:

-to see God’s grace through the work of our Lord Jesus, come alive  in people’s lives.

-to effectively teach that people have needs and to find God’s Biblical response of love to meet those needs.

-to nurture each of God’s children to His potential for them.

We must be convinced that Open Door Fellowship belongs to each of us. It is as much yours as mine.  The part that any one of us plays is not alone significant.  What is significant is that each of us plays a part.

  • Relationships of Grace

Our understanding of God’s grace as part of our vision gives us tremendous hope. It is in God’s grace that we find and experience the miracle of His love. It is in this truth we experience the awesome reality of the commitment of love to one another. We deeply love each other.  Jesus taught us this.  Praise Him.  A love that creates a commitment:

-That we sacrificially will work for each other’s best.

-That we will do all to the glory of God and through us to the benefit of the unsaved and the unchurched.

-That our love will be like the love of our Lord Jesus.

We must understand, that commitment (an expression of our love learned through His grace) is a vital, essential part of what has made Open Door what it is.  When individuals lack commitment, separation is possible and convenient for a multitude of wrong reasons.  When commitment is realized, verified, and honored, we will grow together dependent on each other. Our relationships – built upon principles of love (commitment) will always win over issues of practice, programs, or personalities.

  • Leadership

We are committed to the New Testament dynamic of the plurality of elder leadership. These elders are vitally involved in the ministry life of Open Door and are committed to unity and sacrificial shepherding, and serving. They are selected on the basis of giftedness, capacity, and character. The gift of pastor is not synonymous with the role of elder. The pastors in the body function out of their giftedness while the elders are responsible to shepherd the flock of God.

  • Worship

We come together weekly to worship out of our love for God and each other. We observe the Lord’s Supper as a central part of our weekly worship, with all of the elements of the service leading to communion. We believe the bread and cup are symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and in obedience to Him, we do this in memory of His sacrifice for us. All who know Jesus as their personal Savior are welcome to participate.

  • For, Not Against

We teach truth from a positive conviction, not as a statement against the convictions of anyone else. Though our convictions will be in disagreement with others and probably in total opposition to some, we have chosen to not be anti-other Christian convictions. We are, however, absolutely anti-cult, anti-secular humanistic and anti-world’s system in our convictions.

  • Vision – Its Structure and Expression

We believe that the future of Open Door Fellowship is dependent upon our understanding of our vision. Along with this, we believe that a vision must have structures. The structures must express the vision, but are not a total expression of the vision. In understanding this principle, we insure that the programs and services never become an end unto themselves or develop into something in contradiction to the vision. We believe that the vision and the present structures will take us into our tomorrows.

  • Outreach

Outreach is a vital essential of who we are, and as such, we believe that outreach should be a natural expression of a healthy Christian and a healthy body of Christians. The Gospel is preached on the streets and through our lives and not in a building. Evangelism requires constant sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our future is dependent on our constantly working against being ingrown.  

Essentials of Ministry  (download or view the essentials booklet)




 The Bible consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired Word of God, inerrant in the original documents and of final authority in all matters of faith and practice. There is one God, eternally existent in three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and He is all-knowing, all-powerful, just, merciful, wise, unchangeable and gracious. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Son of Man, fully God and fully Man – born of a virgin, perfect in His Person and eternal in His being. We believe that mankind was created in the image of God and was originally without sin. Because of the sin of Adam and Eve, all of mankind are now sinners both by nature and by choice and are unable to remedy their own lost condition. Jesus Christ died on a cross to rescue us from our helpless state – paying the penalty for our sin – and He rose from the dead on the third day, ascended into Heaven, and now sits at God’s right hand as our Mediator. The Church, consisting of God’s elect, began with the descent of the Holy Spirit on the believers at Pentecost. By God’s grace, those who trust in the work of Christ for their salvation inherit eternal life and are sealed with the Holy Spirit. Because salvation is a work of God’s grace, believers are eternally secure and released from relying on their own abilities and merits to earn acceptance from God and others. The miracle of God’s grace frees believers to love as Christ loved, leading to unity, greater knowledge of Christ, maturity and the expression of gifting for the benefit of the Church. The Lord Jesus Christ will return soon, and there will be a resurrection of the saved to eternal life, and of the lost to eternal and conscious judgment. 

First Service – 9:00 AM/ Second Service – 11:00 AM

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