Associate Ministries of Open Door Fellowship

The Neighborhood Christian Clinic:

A major portion of the original group of leaders that developed the Clinic came from Open Door Fellowship.  ODF continues to support the Clinic financially and encourages its community to  volunteer with the Clinic.  The Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr. Paul Lorentsen, attends ODF with his wife Kelli and their three children.  The Clinic provides healthcare and shares the message of grace with the community it serves.

Mission: Organized by a group of volunteer healthcare professionals, we exist simply to:

  • To provide medical and dental healthcare services to the uninsured, underserved community
  • To share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ with interested patients and colleagues
  • To train and equip healthcare professionals to respectfully share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ in their daily practic

How Can I Help?

Join us in Christian Ministry at The Neighborhood Christian Clinic! Help provide healthcare to the uninsured working poor while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping healthcare professionals to share God’s love. There are multiple ways to be involved in the ministry. Just give us a call at (602) 258-6008 ext 721 and we will tell you about the current opportunities. Prayer requests: Volunteer needs:


Mountain Meadow Ranch Youth & Family Camp:

Bill & Tracie Osier are ODFers who made Mountain Meadow Ranch their home and ministry over a decade ago. Mountain Meadow Ranch in Payson, Arizona, has a long history with ODF of camps, retreats & serving. Kids camps, family camp, men’s retreats, Neighborhood Ministries kids camps, High School Winter Retreat, TLT work crew and many many more memories. Mountain Meadow Ranch’s ministry is… Read more >>>



Neighborhood Ministries:

Kit Danley founded Neighborhood Ministries in 1982 and remains the President of the organization today. The program originally used the ODF McDowell building for the budding ministry that, today, spans an 8 acre site at 19th Ave & Van Buren. The Danleys, their children, and many, many others who share the same heart have built a culture of trust in the city, laying the foundation for the positive, enduring work that spans three decades.  The Neighborhood Center is now the hub where relationships with children, their families, and city-wide partners join together to make a difference for hundreds throughout the community.

MISSION: Neighborhood Ministries’ mission is to break the cycle of poverty in impoverished, inner-city Phoenix by holistically loving, serving, and bringing life-transforming hope and power to families in the community. At NM, we provide both Outreach and Empowerment programs. Our Outreach programs are designed to meet our clients’ most basic needs including food and clothing assistance, safety, youth programs, crisis housing, and medical and dental services. Our Empowerment programs have grown out of our long-term relationships, realizing that the children we serve need case management, academic support, college or trade school placement, and workforce development.

Since 1982, Neighborhood Ministries has:

  1. Provided the basic necessities to the under-resourced in the urban Phoenix community.
  2. Provided a safe, alternative place where community youth can congregate after-school and engage in enriching activities such as sports, the arts, etc.
  3. Provided the urban Phoenix community with resources necessary to break the cycle of poverty and abuse that has existed for generations.
  4. Provided a place where whole families are nurtured, from the parents to the children, promoting family unity and community responsibility.  |  Neighborhood Ministries on Facebook  |  602.252.5225  |


Trueface works to see hundreds of thousands of high-trust cultures of grace multiplied around the world: pursuing this vision by building and restoring trust in leaders and those who follow them. We do this by teaching leaders how to “trust God and others with themselves.”