Trueface is part of a global movement to see millions of high-trust communities of grace multiplied around the world, because we believe that Grace changes everything. We help people experience the profound benefits of grace, by teaching them how to trust God and others with themselves.

To help restore this original good news to others, Trueface offers a variety of books, study guides, events, videos, podcasts, group online education, consulting, and partnerships. In this relational process, we believe others will discover the true face of Jesus, again—maybe for the first time. He is the Source of every high-trust community of grace.

The principles of trust and grace used in Trueface‘s materials began to sprout and take root in our body over our 40 years. Bill Thrall founded and pastored ODF for over 20 years. John Lynch served as ODF’s teaching pastor for 27 years and is currently an Elder. Dr. Bruce McNicol has been a key catalyst in bringing the original good news beyond Open Door Fellowship in a format benefiting global leaders & organizations.


John Lynch, Trueface Author and Speaker

John Lynch

John Lynch:

As a great communicator and writer, John Lynch is a vital staff member of the Trueface team. In addition to speaking nationally with the Trueface team since 1997, John has authored On My Worst Day and co-authored a number of books and resources including the bestseller The Cure and The Cure & Parents as well as the popular TrueFace Two Roads audio-video message.

Dr. Bruce McNicol

Bruce McNicol, PhD

Bruce McNicol, PhD

The global vision, teaching wisdom, and business skills of co-founder and President, Dr. Bruce McNicol, has helped establish the foundations of Trueface. His passion to restore the Original Good News for diverse world cultures through transformed leaders and their platforms of influence has built the foundation of this organization. One of his greatest joys is walking with young leaders in business and professional life, government, education, entertainment, sports, and the church.

Bill Thrall

Bill Thrall

Bill Thrall

As Vice Chair and co-author with Trueface-Leadership Catalyst since 1995, Bill’s genuine desire to see relational health in those he works with, has been vital in setting the tone of the organization. His eloquence and integrity have given him opportunities to teach Trueface’s principles internationally. His wisdom has been penned throughout the entire series of The Ascent of a Leader, Beyond Your Best, Bo’s Cafe and The Cure (ODF uses The Cure as a core material for growth, healing and maturing), and The Cure & Parents.

Over the years, this Trueface trio, along with an incredible team & board, have been invited time and again to travel the country and the globe to help bring restoration, healing, hope and the truth of the true gospel message to thousands.

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