Within the vision for extending invitation beyond our door, this courtyard redesign creates a welcoming, multi-functional space on our campus. The design plan slides above show the very tangible way in which we can engage in community life. Join us in praying and planning for this space as it becomes our reality.

Envision for our ODF Courtyard:

  • Multiple areas designed to serve small groups up to large groups of 200-400.
  • Entire space detailed here can hold up to 1000 people for events. Double the auditorium capacity.
  • Two entry point structures to invite community involvement. From 19th Ave & the Parking lot.
  • A permanent snack bar area near the kitchen.
  • Trees to eventually provide lush shade and express the vision of life and growth within this place.
  • Sail-shade structures to provide that shelter, shade & comfort.
  • Plenty of seating, benches, tables, & re-configurable spaces to accomodate more events.


This is an exciting opportunity for Open Door Fellowship Church to maximize the use of space on our property. The vision for ministry Beyond our Door looks like our campus bustling with activity and life every day of the week. Local community & city leaders are getting involved, because of northwest light-rail expansion, in developing community-use spaces along 19th Avenue. Open Door Fellowship is working to partner with these plans to bring life-giving, community-inviting space along 19th Avenue. God has us at this intersection, at this time for a reason! Let’s look forward together at how our church home will impact and influence the surrounding areas in positive ways.

If you have experience with material and construction resources for this community enriching plan, or have a gift or talent you’d like to add to this very important design team, please contact:

  • Vanessa Casillas (creator of these amazing design plans) at vanessac.cdc@gmail.com, or
  • Todd Gilchrist, ODF Facilities guru, at todd.gilchrist@odfchurch.org or 602.242.4414 x127