Within the vision for creating invitation within this community and beyond our door, this (existing) campus update creates a welcoming, multi-functional auditorium & office space. The auditorium offers the dual-functioning space we need for services as well as fellowship events. The office space includes new desk areas & work spaces to accomodate staff, ministry meetings, evening group facilitation, and more indoor spaces to hang out and build relationships.

Please pray with us as we look forward to these design plans becoming a reality.

Envision for our ODF Campus:

  • Auditorium update to better serve its dual-function for services & multi-purpose fellowship and event space (in process)
  • Updated paint colors for interiors & exteriors of existing buildings (exteriors complete, interiors in progress)
  • Minor construction in office to increase work spaces
  • Updated interiors for increased meeting areas for staff & ministry needs

This is an exciting opportunity for Open Door Fellowship Church to maximize the use of the existing buildings on our property. With the ministry building plans still on the horizon, these more immediate updates will help now and increase usefulness into the future.

If you have experience with material and construction resourcesĀ or have a gift or talent you’d like to add to this very important design team, please contact:

  • Vanessa Casillas (creator of these amazing design plans) at vanessac.cdc@gmail.com, or
  • Todd Gilchrist, ODF Facilities guru, at todd.gilchrist@odfchurch.org or 602.242.4414 x127