Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Online ODF Directory:

What are the steps I need to take to be in the directory?

There are 4 steps:

  1. Go to (there’s also an icon in the lower right hand corner of the website home page)
  2. Register where it says “REGISTER”
  3. Wait for an APPROVAL email (usually within 24 hours- though for some people it lands in spam/junk email)
  4. LOG-IN and fill out your family profile.

Now you can log-in anytime to search or print information!

Does everyone get a log-in?

Choose one log-in (username/password) for your family to use. That way we don’t have multiple listings for families.

What does the approval process consist of?

The approval process is simple, “Do we know you?” That starts with the Admin of the directory, and is overseen by the pastoral staff of ODF. So don’t take it as rejection if we need to be introduced prior to approving your registration – just think of it as a great excuse for our staff to get to know you!

Why should I check-mark the ministries my family is involved with at the bottom of my profile?

We’re asking that you check-mark all boxes that your family is involved with at ODF so that we can make sure you get informed about the ministries that are a part of your life. You can also “search” by ministry this way: For example selecting “high school” from the drop-down box will pull up every family who has selected the check-box for high school minsitry on their profile. I think you’ll find this to be a very handy tool! Continuing in this example, once your child is out of that ministry, you can go back and un-check the box.

What if I have a teenage child who wants to list their cell phone number?

Please list all members of your family on your family profile. If your teenager wants to list their cell number (they provide babysitting, piano lessons, etc) AS LONG AS THEY HAVE YOUR PERMISSION, they can register separately to include their own contact information.

What if I want a good ol’ paper directory?

You can print your own directory anytime you’d like. Once you log-in to the directory, there’s a PRINT PDF version link that will allow you to print whoever is currently listed in the directory. Anytime you need a new one, just log back in and hit print. It always calls up the most recent/updated contact information for print.

I’m worried about the safety of my information online.

We are taking measures to protect this information by requiring everyone who registers to check the Terms & Conditions of use which include NOT using contact information for anything other than personal use. In addition, each registration will go through an approval process so we can protect who accesses this directory.

How often should I log-in to update information?

Anytime there’s a change in: home address, phone number, email address, ministries your involved in, an addition to your family, etc. please log-in to update your information.

What kinds of searches can I do of the contacts within the directory? Why can’t I find who I’m searching for?

You can search by first name, last name, child name, zip code, email address, or you can use the drop-down menu to select a group of people based on ministry interest. It’s all very cool! BUT if you don’t find who you’re searching for in the directory, there’s only one reason… they haven’t filled out their profile online! SO encourage people to register online because our directory will only be as accurate and comprehensive as we each work to make it!

What is the benefit of having the directory online?

You have up-to-date information on this ODF church family at your fingertips anytime you need it! Just log-in and search for the contact you need, or click the “PRINT PDF” button to print a list of those currently in the directory. This feature will print the latest, most accurate information. You don’t have to call the church office for contacts, or wait for the staff to print a yearly/bi-yearly directory in order of have the info you need on the people you care about. It’s also simple to update your own family information.

Why can’t I list more than two phone numbers & e-mail address? What are the double asterisks signifying?

The double asterisks signify the phone number or e-mail that is primary for your household. Whether you put your home phone number or cell phone number is up to you.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

You can contact Jenny Miller, ODF Communications, with further questions about the ODF Directory at or 602.242.4414.