November 1, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – November 3, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
Bison Ranch Retreat Center
2351 Bison Ranch Rd
AZ 85933
Jenny Miller

Women’s Retreat Fall 2019

I AM says i am…

You are invited to this year’s Women’s Retreat where we will get away to enjoy a time of rest and renewal, as well as meaningful connections with God, with each other, and with ourselves. We will explore the way encounters with Jesus called people to a fuller expression of themselves and a deeper awareness of their own identity. The way we choose to name ourselves has profound and powerful implications for the way we live our lives. It’s no wonder that divine encounters often resulted not only in changed lives, but often in changed names as well.

     God told Moses, “I AM who I AM.” Jesus said, “I tell you before Abraham was born, I AM” What does I AM mean for us? How do we use I AM in naming ourselves? And more importantly, how does God name us? As we seek to understand who God is, we must also integrate God’s truth into who we are. The mystery of living full and free as followers of Christ is connecting these two pieces. God is…therefore I am.

     This year’s retreat speaker is Dr. Jodi Tompkins, a licensed psychologist from Southern California (though she grew up right here in N. Central Phoenix!). She is a mother of five, three children-in-laws, and a granddaughter! She has been involved in various ministries for over 30 years, including Young Life, the Tucson Crisis Pregnancy Center, and women’s Bible Studies. Jodi’s passion is to help others live meaningful and emotionally healthy lives.

Worship will be led by Amy Quinn!

Join us for a weekend of teaching, fun, going deep, and enjoying the fall weather!!!
We will be at the Bison Ranch Retreat Center in Overgaard, AZ.

There are three options in selecting your price:

2 per room = $220
4 per room = $175
6 per room = $155

Please DO NOT let the price keep you from coming!

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