You’ve found yourself wandering in to this Open Door Fellowship and now you’re wondering, “How do I fit? Connect? Hear more?” These are all the right questions and we want to meet you to help answer them. We recommend that you start with:

  • CONNECT 2 DINNERHeld twice a year, this dinner on us gives you a chance to sit down with some of the leadership of ODF and hear more about us, and let us get to know you too. See calendar events schedule listed on the right for the next dinner.
  • NEWCOMER’S CLASS. A 4-week Sunday morning class where, through interaction with church leadership, you will gain insight into the family we call ODF, our history and our commitment to you, as well as begin relationships with others in the class. View upcoming classes in the sidebar of this page.
  • THE CURE. A class based on the book The Cure by John Lynch, Bruce McNicol and Bill Thrall that captures the principles taught at Open Door about God’s grace, how He sees us, and how we can experience a real relationship with Him and others when we are true-faced.
  • AFTERCURE. A 4-week class directly following “The Cure” class that gives more time to hash out principles learned in “The Cure” class.
  •  ESSENTIALS. An 8-week class discussing the 10 essentials of Open Door Fellowship, why we have them, and why they are essential to this fellowship.


Read more about ODF doctrine & essentials on the About Us page.

ODF also has class communities for various topics:

C’est la Vie: 20ish-30ish Meets in H-1 9am Sundays

This class is geared toward new beginnings of marriage and starting a family, though it is not exclusive to married with children. Topics include relationships, reconciliation, the realities of living life in Christ as a father, spouse, parent, etc.


Topical Classes: Various classes will meet at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM

Join in at any time. Classes throughout the year include: The Cure, How We Love, Experiencing God’s Word, A Biblical View of You, and Bridges.


These classes will give you the best introduction to our church family. Check out our Sunday class schedule (Sunday School classes meet at 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM) for start dates, and other Sunday classes that may fit your life-season.