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Ed Underwood - Oct 16, 2016

Grace the series - week 6 Ed Underwood

Why you shouldn’t listen to the #1 lie the enemies of the gospel tell Christ’s people, and why trusting the gospel of grace will lead you to a far better future than they tell you. Table Talk Questions: 1. What would be possible in your life if you trusted the power of the gospel and were able to lean into it with a sense of confidence, hope, and abundance? 2. How has the lie that you can’t trust grace wounded you or someone you love? How might your grasp of grace help you turn these wounds into a redemptive story?

From Series: "Grace the series"

The truth of God's Grace, when understood, changes everything. Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and resurrection paid it all so we could walk in freedom instead of bondage. Rooted in Romans, this is the foundational series of Open Door Fellowship.

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