Bob Ryan - March 24, 2019

I AM the Bread of Life


What are we looking for from Jesus? By equating Himself with bread, Jesus is saying he is essential for life. Second, the life Jesus is referring to is not physical life, but eternal life. Jesus is trying to get the people of first century Palestine to think beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual realm. He is contrasting what He brings as their Messiah with the bread He miraculously created when he fed them the day before. They physical bread he provided was gone. It had been eaten and they now needed more. But Jesus is telling them that he is spiritual bread that never perishes and that brings eternal life. In saying what he does, Jesus is making a claim to deity. This statement is the first of the "I AM" statements in John's Gospel.

From Series: "I AM"

If you have been a Christian for even a relatively short time, you have probably encountered the seven “I am” statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John. In our new preaching series, we are going to examine each of these remarkable statements in detail.

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